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  • Cheryl Robinson

The story of Bumbleberry Bakes

Full disclosure: Four years ago, I thought baking was anything that came out of a box!

I remember a close friend tasting my premix brownies and saying "you know this isn't really baking, right?".

Ummmmm what? What do you mean its not baking? I measured the oil, cracked the eggs into the dry ingredients (pre measured), placed the mixture in the oven, and out came brownies. The look on her face was nothing short of unimpressed.

Afterwards, I started experimenting with recipes and now, all I think about is cakes.

My patient boyfriend, Guy (who will be mentioned many times in this blog), had a birthday looming and I wanted to design a cake for him. I asked what he wanted and the man child in him suggested a treasure chest cake. My face dropped - how was I going to pull it off? Never one to shy away from a challenge, I spent hours trying to find cake designs on Pinterest and watched way too many Youtube tutorials.

Cake mixing bowl

I made my way to the cake store and purchased two oversized cake tins, and all the tools I believed would turn me into an exceptional cake decorator.

I spent two days decorating the treasure chest cake and on presentation to the birthday boy, it was met with great applause. Everyone said it looked great and congratulated me on the amount of detail. Best of all, the birthday boy loved it!

Now, let me tell you another fact about my cake decorating journey - I am, like most cake decorators, my biggest critic. I can point out 10 things I would do differently on each cake. Before the project, I knew nothing about using cake supports, my cakes were dry and I didn't know Queensland humidity can be a cake decorators arch nemesis.

I have learnt so much from decorating cakes and look back at all the mistakes I made. I only wish someone was there to talk me through it. And that, brings me to the blog! My initial cakes were a world away from the ones you see on my instagram, so here I am, offering all the mistakes I made so you don't have to. Log onto Instagram, Facebook and visit this website for all the latest tips! And if you are in located in Brisbane, feel free to get in touch.

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