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  • Cheryl Robinson

“Best fudge in the world”

Kids are known for being brutally honest and Sam (aged 4) did say Bumbleberry Bakes fudge is the "Best fudge in the world". A few months later another Sam(aged 32) also agreed.

We have some exciting news, our much loved fudge is now available online and ready to be delivered to your door. After selling out on the weekend, we thought to ourselves, how are we going to provide fudge for everyone who missed out. Since first selling Traditional Irish Fudge at markets around Brisbane, our range has expanded to over 20 different flavours. We are working towards adding all of these to our online store but have made available eight of our most loved fudges.

Where can I buy fudge?

Traditional Irish Fudge is available to buy through our online store.

Alternatively it is available for pickup in Alderley, Queensland.

Or look for the Bumbleberry Bakes stall to buy your fudge at Brisbane markets (available most weekends).

What flavours of fudge are sold online?

Kahlua and Espresso Fudge

A fudge for the coffee lovers out there. The flavour is intensified by Kahlua (coffee liquor) and sprinkled with ground Elixir coffee beans. Switch your shot of coffee for a bite of the Kahlua and Espresso fudge to get that coffee hit.

Baileys Fudge

The smooth, creamy taste of Baileys is infused throughout. The taste is not over empowering, leaving a lasting taste and a want for more. Great for that special someone to show that you care.

Mint Tim Tam Milo Fudge

The classic Aussie drink - Milo - combined with Mint Tim Tams creates a taste sensation for any palette. These are definitely two flavours made for each other. It’s a bit of a mouthful to say, but a wonderful mouthful to taste.

Whiskey Fudge

Another Traditional Irish fudge, however, this time it is topped with an Irish whiskey - Jameson. The taste of the Green Isle hits home as the crowd favourite melts in your mouth.

Vanilla Fudge

A timely, classic traditional Irish fudge. And you know it is traditionally Irish as it is hand made by Cheryl (originally from Ireland). This fudge is the original which started the leap into multiple flavours and options. It’s a safe bet if you don’t want to venture too far.

White Chocolate and Raspberry Fudge

Could two flavours go any better than White Chocolate and Raspberry? A favourite for the kids and adults alike. The sweet tartness of the Raspberry is perfectly levelled out by the smooth white chocolate. Perfect for a family gift, or just for yourself.

Malted milk and white chocolate with caramel fudge.

From the moment you take your first bite, the flavours unveil themselves as the fudge melts in your mouth.. First with malted milk, followed by the smooth white chocolate, topped with a salted caramel base. This taste sensation is waiting for you to try!

Maple Bacon Fudge

What do you get when you cross a little bit of Canada with a little bit of Ireland? The divine Maple Bacon Fudge. One of our most popular fudge flavours and the perfect choice for a gift (or yourself).

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