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Cake, cupcake and cookie prices

Cake Prices

Cake Prices

Cakes are quoted individually and are priced accordingly.  Each cake is hand crafted and we use high quality fondant to create 3D cakes and smooth chocolate in our ganache.  This ensures your custom cake not only looks good, but tastes delicious.

All prices include: quote and design consultation, high quality ingredients, personalised cake design, cake boards and delivery boxes.

Choose your flavour: Butter cake, Chocolate cake, Chocolate Mud cake, White Chocolate Mud cake, Caramel cake, Citrus cake, Chocolate mint, Coconut, Red Velvet cake

Waves cake.jpg

One tier fondant cake

Choose your flavour and design to make a cake to remember!



Cake Topper Bumbleberry bakes.jpg

Cake Toppers

Already have a cake but want something to finish it off?  Order a cake topper and be characterised.



BabyShower Cake Bumbleberry Bakes.jpg

Two tier fondant cake

A cake for the larger party or centre piece.  Base tier: 8"

Top tier: 5"



Edible Cake wrap.jpg

Cake wraps

An edible wrap to place round your cake.  Printed in A4 size, your cake wrap uses food safe ink.



Halloween Cake Bumleberry Bakes.jpg

Carved fondant cake

The real deal of cake design.  See your idea come to life in a 3D carved cake!



Blueberry Cake

Cake classes

Ever wanted to learn how to work with fondant, create the perfect ganache or just want to have a great time. 



Cupcake Prices

Cupcake Prices

All cupcakes are quoted accordingly with a minimum order of 12. 

All prices include: free quote and design consultation, high quality ingredients, personalised cupcake design and delivery boxes.

- Chocolate cake

- Chocolate Mud cake

- White Chocolate Mud cake

- Caramel cake

- Butter cake

- Red Velvet cake


Cupcake Prices

Frosted cupcakes

Delicious cupcakes topped with butter cream with a smooth taste inside


$4.00 each

Unicorn cupcakes.jpg

Cupcake Prices

Fondant cupcakes

Make each cup cake unique with fondant covered designs, all handcrafted.


$7.50 each

Hello kitty cupcakes.jpg

Cupcake Prices

Edible Image cupcakes

Personalise your cupcake with an edible image on delicious buttercream.


$5.00 each

Cookie Prices

Cookie Prices

Our newest range includes customised corporate cookies.   The unique branding opportunities are sure to impress your existing and future clients.  Our customers have gifted baked treats to clients and staff members as a creative way to say "we appreciate you".  With our products individually packaged and displayed, the recipient will remember your brand.  Email your company logo or message and we will do the rest.  Our custom cookies and cupcakes suit any occasion and we work with our customers to match designs and branding.

Cookie Dough

Plain  Cookies

Our tasty cookies are the perfect addition to any dessert table and can be made in any size or shape.


$3.00 each

Avo and toast cookies.jpg

Fondant Cookies

Take your sugar cookie to the next level with a creative fondant decoration.


$4.00 each

Branded cookies Bumbleberry Bakes.jpg

Image on Cookies

Make your business stand out with your logo on a corporate sugar cookie. 


$5.00 each

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