Halloween Pumpkin Cake tutorial

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year because someone, somewhere, is giving out free candy. I am also a sucker for a dress up party and love seeing how creative people get with their costumes.

A few weeks ago, I was shopping and came across a ridiculously affordable cake frame ($2.50...total bargain compared to some in the stores that cost well over $100) so, never one to walk away from an impulse buy. I bought six. They sat in my kitchen for weeks until I finally decided on a Halloween design. If you can't find a cake frame, your local hardware store will have PVC pipe and valve sockets that will work.

Carved cakes are something I am in great awe of. You need to have faith everything will come together and work through the little creeping doubts of "oh dear, I can't do this" which every cake decorator will tell you they frequently experience.

There are a range of progress photos to show the steps taken to create this spooky pumpkin cake, but if you have questions, get in touch and I will be happy to help.

Pumpkin Cake Halloween

Items Needed

- A 7 inch cake, 4 inches tall (higher if you can)

- An internal structure. I used a food safe cake frame, but you can build one using cake boards and equipment from a hardware store

- Fondant (white for colouring and pre-coloured black)

- Chocolate ganache

- Rolling pin

- Corn starch

- Food gel (copper, black and avocado green)

- Dusting powders (lime green, moss green, orange, nut brown)

- Paint brushes for dusting (the fluffier the better)

- A small sharp knife for cutting details

- Bamboo skewers

- Sugar glue

Step 1

Cake frame built

Build your cake structure using your frame or from supplies sourced from the plumbing section of your local hardware store. I made previous structures from lengths of PVC pipe and valve sockets. I then drilled holes in my cake boards and secured the valve sockets with nuts.